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Forum Rules

Post by Spoondum on Tue Feb 24, 2015 5:58 pm

  1. No discrimination
  2. No harassment of any kind.
  3. Trolling and spamming is not allowed.
  4. At the moment, advertising is only allowed via PM to your friends.
  5. A moderator's word is final. No arguing, please. However, if you feel a moderator is not doing their job correctly, message me (Spoondum) or anyone else on the mod team besides the one you suspect of doing wrong, and we will all discuss it.
  6. One who has read this portion of the rules would, after the question 'Oh yeah?' in their newbie application section, would put "Oh no!", along with the part of the quote found in the other section of the rules.
  7. Do not attempt to question someone's RP or potential rule-beaking on your own. Contact a mod and report them, instead. However, critiquing a character application is allowed, just make sure it's something along the lines of "I liked/disliked this part of your app because...".
  8. You are not required to have played any of the Megaman games, but please look up a summary of the story of both 'Megaman ZX' and 'Megaman ZX Advent'.
  9. You may have no more than 8 characters at a time, and only 3 of those may be Biometals


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