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Roleplaying Rules

Post by Spoondum on Wed Feb 25, 2015 11:35 pm

  1. Any amount of ERP is allowed... But MUST be ONLY RP'ed via PM's between everyone involved. So basically, no forum-RP ERP.
  2. People being naked, or certain body parts being shown (only humans), however, is allowed, as long as the topic is labeled at least with a 13+ (Title it along the lines of "Nudists kill mavericks [18+]). Use your judgement, if it is overly descriptive or anything, it will be couned as ERP.
  3. Characters' relationships can involve anything--Just, please keep away from too much mushy-gushy stuff in a row/in one topic, unless the topic was made specifically for it (in which case, label it [1x1] or [1x1x1x1 or something).
  4. Metagaming is not allowed. Our definition of metagaming is having your character know something ICly that you knew, but they didn't find out. It also involves giving your character a goal strange for their personality, so that an OOC goal can be achieved.
  5. Powergaming is forbidden. Our definition for powergaming is when you make your character do something they wouldn't realistically be able to do, or be able to do it in 'real life'. This means both an ability that is impossible ("Apples the Pony kicks Derek with so much force that he would most likely explode") or repeatedly succeeding in something ("Apples dodges all of the fifty buster shots Derek had blasted at her").
  6. Godmodding is another forbidden practice. This is when someone forces their character's actions to be successful to another character ("Apples jumps out and shoves Derek into her spaceship, ties him up, and blasts him off"). A correction for this is simply to let the other character respond ("Apples jumps out and attempts to push Derek into the ship" "Derek pushes himself away from the ship").
  7. Original Characters (OC's) ONLY.
  8. Someone who read the rules would put "Zero died again!" after the first Rules post's phraze.
  9. NPC's are Non-player characters. These are any characters you make that are made only to last for the thread--A waitress at a diner, or an angry mob in front of your house. Usually, we allow Godmodding to happen TO these, because they could not respond on their own. However, the creator of the NPC can ask OOCly to be able to react. However, an NPC is always treated as a character of the creator--you may not decide what it does, only what you can do to it, if allowed.
  10. No descendants of Canon characters.
  11. If you see a problem, or you believe a rule may have been broken, please, do not act for yourself. PM a mod and link them to the post and tell them the problem: they'll fix it.
  12. You may not kill, maim, or seriously injure a character without their consent/permission. However, they will still most likely fight back until you really kill them.
  13. Insane psychopaths who murder for no reason are not allowed, unless specifically stated in the Character Page. Most of the time, you need a valid IC reason.
  14. Please use as correct grammar and punctuation that you can in RP, and preferably everywhere else too.
  15. Swearing is allowed IC, just make sure that, if excessive, the topic is marked with at least a [13+].


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