[Biometal] Model H Info

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[Biometal] Model H Info

Post by Spoondum on Thu Feb 26, 2015 12:08 am

Biometal Model H

Colors: Green, white, yellow, red

Personality: Will not be RP'ed, is simply there for a Megamerge ability, considering it is a canon character.

Artificial Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Unknown

Megaman partner and that Megaman partner's user's username. Tenga, Spoondum

What kind of weapon would you want most?: A second slot will be taken up by the same weapon as the one the mods decide, placed in the first slot. I am hoping for pink Z-Sabre-like fans, as they are close enough to Harpuia's blades, but this is up for debate by the Mod team.

What kind of ability would you want most?: The ability to send short-range slash-beams, like in the Sonic Boom move using Model H in the games. Also, of course, the Mod-decided main ability.


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