[Normal Reploid/Human] Tengu Kaemon (WIP)

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[Normal Reploid/Human] Tengu Kaemon (WIP)

Post by Spoondum on Wed Feb 25, 2015 6:43 pm

Have you roleplayed before? If so, was it LARPing, forum roleplay... A game of DnD?: Yes. Forum Roleplaying and Minecraft Roleplay.

What is the highest level of maturity you have RP'ed at (movie system: G, PG, PG-13, R)?: PG-13

List all of the Megaman games you have played: MegaMan, MegaMan 2, MegaMan 3, MegaMan 4, MegaMan 5, MegaMan 6, MegaMan 7, MegaMan 8, MegaMan X, MegaMan X2, MegaMan X3, MegaMan X4, MegaMan X5, MegaMan X6, MegaMan X7, MegaMan X8, Megaman Zero, Megaman Zero 2, Megaman Zero 3, Megaman Zero 4, Megaman ZX, Megaman ZX: Advent, Megaman 2: The Power Fighters

List all of the Megaman games you have beaten: MegaMan, MegaMan 2, MegaMan 4, MegaMan 5, MegaMan 6, MegaMan X, MegaMan X2, MegaMan X3, MegaMan X4, MegaMan X5, MegaMan X8, Megaman Zero, Megaman Zero 3, Megaman Zero 4, Megaman ZX, Megaman ZX: Advent, Megaman 2: The Power Fighters

Have you read the rules and agree to follow them?: Yep.

Oh yeah?: Oh no! Zero died again!

Tengu Kaemon

Physical Appearance: He has a stern, hard face and long, soft, thick black hair, with deep green eyes that seem to look with such an intensity that he can see your very soul. His complexion and facial features are Asian, having descended from a long line of ancient Japanese Samurai. With his slightly long nose and lips that seem to be permanently molded into a proud frown, his facial features would remind someone just a bit of a hawk, or some other sort of powerful bird, at first glance. He is a generally thin person with a relatively tall height, making his general appearance overall lanky. He has a sharp point of a widow's peak, but it isn't close to being prominent enough to notice with his hair down.

Personality: He has a strong detemination to stay honorable and proud, and has always practiced peacefulness in the face of evil, only resorting to violence when there is no other choice. He has never killed/destroyed any human or reploid, and always prefers to only use as muh violence as necessary to achieve a desired effect. He is usually quite stern and unforgiving of the breaking of laws or rules, maintaining a sort of 'goody two-shoes' reputation that he is generally proud of. He seems to hold himself high above other people, excluding those that he looks up to; but he does not look down on anyone, staying respectful of others at all times. He usually does not talk to people, making him seem sort of antisocial or shy, but isn't afraid to do something resulting in the spotlight being put on him, as long as he is doing the right thing. His philosophy is that he would most likely be social, "if other people were just less disgusting sometimes"!

He is pretty intelligent, but is foolishly brave, overestimating his and others' potential, and attempting to win against something with greater skill than him. He is a sore loser, but tries not to show it, usually resulting in choppy-looking bows of the head and a hesitant muttering of something along the lines of "You win". He is also unnecessarily obedient, following almost any command or rule set to him by someone of a higher rank: this is usually because of an equally unnecessary respect for any higher-ups commanding him, as he has learned that they know better than him, otherwise they would be lower-ranked than him. If possible, he becomes the 'Teacher's Pet', doing anything in his power to be the perfect little guy for his superiors/more experienced friends, but maintains a respectable, honorable manner throughout.

Race (Reploid/Human?): Human

Sex/Gender Male

Sexual Orientation: Not really interested in romanticism, but leans toward the 'heterosexual' side.

Biometal and Biometal user's name: N/A

Biography: (WIP)

Normal Form

Dress Code/Specific Outfits: Tengu dresses basically just like an ancient Japanese man of his house, but in formal attire at all times. He dresses in a red juban tucked into a purple/prune hakama, with a large grass-green montsuki kimono over this. On his feet he wears setta sandals over white tabi socks.


A green montsuki kimono (the outsidemost one):

Red Juban:

Purple Hakama:

Setta Sandals:

White tabi socks:

Hairstyle/Other features specific to Normal Form: He ties his hear back into a straight ponytail that goes to a bit lower than the middle of his back. His hairband is his long umbrella cord-ribbon, giving him two extremely long trailing ribbons in the back tha don't seem too manly...

List of equipment/weapons:

  • 9-foot length of umbrella cord hidden inside of a thick, wide red ribbon of the same length.
  • Hanbo (3-foot staff), with a hollow top fitted with a metal screw-on cap. Disguises as walking stick.


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Re: [Normal Reploid/Human] Tengu Kaemon (WIP)

Post by Ardian on Wed Feb 25, 2015 10:53 pm

Wonderful Application! Good job on making it very detailed.


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