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Mega-Man Template

Post by Spoondum on Tue Feb 24, 2015 4:34 pm

A Megaman in the world of Megaman ZX is a human or a reploid who posesses and can transform using a Biometal. Use the following if you would like this type of character:


[b][center][size=16]Megamerged Form[/size][/center][/b]

[b]Suit Description:[/b]

[b]List of Weapons:[/b]

[b]List of Abilities:[/b]

Remember, a character cannot start out as a Megaman, they must be a normal Reploid/Human and find a biometal ICly, via the Junkyard or Dynamo Laboratories. Once that has happened, please post this into the "Mega-Man Character Applications" section before attempting Megamerge. A moderator will notify you of acceptance and edit your character's official page.

Once that happens, the Megaman decides one weapon and one ability, and combined with the Biometal's predetermined weapon and ability, and the Mod-decided main weapon and ability, the Megaman-Biometal team will have 3 weapons and 3 special abilities.

However, every Megaman posesses the ability to dash, jump on walls, and charge a weapon to unleash a more powerful blast (a special charge attack, like the Ice Dragon seen in Megaman ZX Advent's Thetis form, would count as an ability).


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